Women's Board History

“When the Women’s Board of Aultman Hospital sets its sights on something, their members make it happen – and in ways beyond any initial hopeful expectations. That’s their nature. Their members have a wonderful way of creating a purpose to the fundraising, focusing on that purpose and driving toward success.”

-  Edward J. Roth, III, President and CEO, Aultman Health Foundation


From 1969 to today, the talented and committed ladies of The Women's Board of Aultman Hospital have helped to improve many areas within Aultman Hospital by raising funds to develop new infrastructures and provide new equipment to a variety of programs. The ladies have dedicated their work to keeping our local hospital state-of-the-art so that we may continue to provide the very best attention and care to our patients. Follow the timeline below to see the projects and pledges the ladies of the Women's Board of Aultman Hospital have supported over the years, or click here for an in-depth look at all the work these ladies have accomplished. 


1970 - Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
1972 - Obstetric Unit Renovation
1976 - Parking Garage Expansion
1980 - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
1983 - Trauma Center
1986 - Rehabilitation Center
1988 - Oncology Project
1988 - Morrow House Renovation
1992 - Cancer Center Renovation
1992 - Pediatric Unit Renovation
1995 - Renal Dialysis Center
1995 - High-risk Delivery Suites Renovation
1998 - Emergency Trauma Center
2002 - Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences
2006 - Compassionate Care Center
2011 - The Shoppes at Aultman 
2011 - Aultman Cancer Center (The Timken Family Cancer Center)
2018 - Germ Zapping Robots
2018 - Orthopaedic Unit Modernization
2019 - 50 for 50 Pledge (50 clinical and non-clinical items)
2021 - Patient Mobility Project