Aultman Women's Board MembersThe Women’s Board was founded in 1969 to render services to Aultman Hospital in the areas of community relations and fundraising. Since their inception, the Women’s Board has raised more than $28 million to support major projects at Aultman Hospital such as the Emergency/Trauma Center, NICU, Dialysis Center, Pediatric Services, Aultman College, Compassionate Care Center, The Shoppes at Aultman, the Aultman Cancer Center, Xenex Germ Zapping Robots, the Orthopaedic Unit Modernization and most recently the "50 for 50" project - a total of 50 smaller hospital projects.

The Women’s Board raises funds through their annual Angel Auction and Fashion Show, proceeds from The Shoppes at Aultman, baby photos and the Tribute Fund. The Women’s Board also performs community outreach through the Angels in Action program. The program was designed to help lead the community to improved health by raising awareness of the Women’s Board and its current pledge, increasing funding for the pledge, and offering outreach to the community. Each month, ‘Women’s Board Angels’ contribute time, talents, and/or resources to causes that support Aultman Hospital departments and the hospital’s efforts in the community. Beginning this fall, proceeds from the annual Angels on the Runway Fashion Show will benefit Hospice and Grief Services at the Autman Women’s Board Compassionate Care Center.

The Women's Board of Aultman Hospital has committed to raise $4.2 million over the next five years, supporting two large initiatives around patient experience and care. The first is the main hospital lobby renovation with consolidated registration. The "lobby of the future" will provide an enhanced customer and patient experience by easing navigation upon visiting the hospital. The second initiative is the specialized diligent mobility program, which will get patients out of bed sooner and safely. Specialized mobility equipment and training will assure that mobility is occurring early, often and consistently throughout Aultman, in a safe manner for both patients and staff. 

2020-2021 Women's Board Officers

Judy Minton

Vice President
Stacy Dulik


Corresponding Secretary 
Nancy Passerini

Recording Secretary
Sue Van Etten

Jamie Rome

Standing Committee Members

Angel Auction Chairs 
Jodi Luntz
Lindsay Zimmerman

Angel Auction Vice Chairs
Aimee Belden
Cathie Belden

Angels in Action
Cindy Elsasser, Chair
Mary Ellen Icaza, Vice Chair

Fashion Show Chairs
Patty Paschke
Sherri Tamilio

Fashion Show Vice Chairs
Kaleen Lemon
Teresa Golden-McClelland

Members At Large
Kathy Schlabach
Tracy Rice
Lisa Woit


Lynnette Gallina, Chair
Jeananne Chadsey, Vice Chair

Nominating Chair
Darlene Schuring

Past President 
Lori Martino

Teresa Golden-McClelland, Chair
Sandy Doll, Vice Chair

Public Relations 
Amy Memmer, Chair
Ashley Shaheen, Vice Chair

Women's Board Director 
Courtney Halter