Kristen Gaskell

Gallery of Hope - Kristen GaskellIn November 2012, as a full-time working woman, wife and mother of 3 young boys, I was busy. But I did not hesitate to schedule a doctor appointment when I noticed something odd. I have no family history of cancer. Nonetheless, after several weeks of testing, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34.  In January 2013, I faced surgery with determination. However, I received news that my cancer was identified as triple positive and was noted as having invaded the surrounding tissue. This redirected my treatment regimen. I did my best to stay active and involved throughout treatments.

Since finishing treatment, I continue to move forward with a cautious optimism many survivors maintain. In 2016, my daughter was born!  This is a journey I had not envisioned for myself. However, the path of cancer has led me to find strength, friendship and many opportunities. These are all gifts I will carry with me as I continue on this unforeseen road.