Timken Family Cancer Center

Cancer Survivor Barb Hammontree BennettComprehensive, compassionate care that is close to home: Aultman’s Timken Family Cancer Center is a new facility that fulfills a vital need in our community. As the local leader in cancer care, Aultman Hospital has cancer services that are currently spread across multiple locations at the main campus. The new center brings all the cancer specialists together into one place.

Patients, survivors, caregivers and members of the healthcare team provided input on every aspect of the blueprints – from the layout and design to the interior décor. This highly unique approach ensures this center is designed with our patients’ and caregivers’ needs in mind.

The Timken Family Cancer Center will feature:

  • One centralized entrance and patient drop off
  • Support services to streamline patient access
  • A modern design that enhances collaboration between healthcare team members
  • Infusion areas that expand patient privacy and improve treatment
  • Family respite areas and gardens to promote wellness and comfort

Thanks to the incredible support of our community, the fundraising goal for Aultman’s Timken Family Cancer Center — a $28-million investment — has been met. Thank you!

All of us at Aultman have been truly inspired by how generous and motivated our community has been to help create the Timken Family Cancer Center. Over 1,100 donors have generously partnered with us to make advanced comprehensive cancer care, close to home, possible. Construction remains on schedule, and we expect the new Timken Family Cancer Center to open in the summer of 2022.

Together, we have and together we will continue to make a difference, as the needs of our cancer patients remain. You can still show your support for our patients, caregivers and loved ones by donating to the Timken Family Cancer Center.