The Gregory Family

Steve Ray Lisa 2713The Gregory family personifies community philanthropy. Aultman Hospital has been a grateful recipient of the family’s leadership and generosity for the past five decades. Their passion for our community and belief in giving back have blessed our patients, students, staff and volunteers for many years. Their generosity is seen throughout many of our facilities and programs such as The Compassionate Care Center inpatient hospice facility; the state-of-the-art Gregory Training Center on Aultman’s main campus; the Aultman College of Nursing Endowed Scholarship in memory of Ray’s sister Marjorie Phyllis Gregory, R.N.; the Annual Hospice Memory Tree; and more. 

While their gifts are appreciated and have made a powerful impact on those we are privileged to serve, what makes the Gregory family special is that their service does not begin and end with charitable contributions. They give first of their time and talents. A Gregory family member has served on one of Aultman’s boards almost continuously for the past 50 years.Mr. T. Raymond Gregory served as a member of the Aultman Health Foundation board of directors for more than 20 years and was chairman of the board from 1978- 1980. Raymond’s late wife, Mrs. Virginia (Gina) Smyth Gregory, was a founding member of the Women’s Board of Aultman Hospital. T. Stephen Gregory, Raymond’s son, became a member of the Aultman Health Foundation board of directors in 1999. Following in his father’s footsteps, Steve served as board chairman from 2011-2013 and continues to serve on the board today. Lisa Warburton-Gregory, Steve’s wife, joined The Women’s Board of Aultman Hospital in 2002, where she served as the president from 2010-2012. Lisa chaired Aultman’s premier fundraiser, the Angel Auction, in 2008 and also served on The Aultman Foundation board from 2009-2012.

Their support of time and treasure has made a real difference in the lives of many individuals and families, and their generosity will continue to have a positive impact for years to come. We appreciate their commitment and value their friendship.