Meet Sue…Our Patient, Inspiration, and Friend

Sue HorstOn Oct. 19, 2020, Sue Horst was brought by ambulance to Aultman Hospital and tested positive for COVID. With no visitors or family members allowed to visit, Sue was alone, feeling weak and relying on a ventilator. Sue shared, “During that time, I never felt so alone … but I was never alone. By the grace of God, He was with me.”

Sue was in Aultman’s ICU for 23 days. She remembers being emotionally and physically exhausted. “All I wanted was to go home and be with my family. I was so homesick, I would just sit there and cry.” Sue did not realize at the time the seriousness of her condition.

“The girls were super,” Sue said, referring to her caregivers Alexis, Chrissy, Marthie and Kim. From the comforting recliner to the good therapy that “got me going,” Sue remembers every detail of how the care team made a difference. She even recalled when her husband and children called, how the nurses would hold the phone to her ear or assist with a video conference. How difficult that must have been for them all – 23 days in a hospital bed. Sue never wanted her family to see her in that condition.

On the one-year anniversary of her arrival at Aultman, Sue said, “On paper, a patient in my condition was never supposed to survive. But here I am, a COVID survivor! I hope that I can offer encouragement to others.” But, she already had!

Sue inspired us! And she did so long before Alexis and team wheeled her down the hallway toward her husband, as we cheered on her improved health and departure. Her words of gratitude and praise to her bedside nurses and care team members provided wonderful strength and support during such tremendously difficult times. Sue holds a special place in our hearts today and always will.

The Horst family went above and beyond to demonstrate their gratitude for Sue’s care. Their donation to Aultman’s COVID fund generously provided special equipment and supplies for patients. A true blessing for those we are privileged to serve and at such an important time. And on Oct. 19, in recognition of her Aultman anniversary, Sue thoughtfully had lunch delivered to 100 of our care team members – sharing her love with those who cared for her, and many more!

It was our blessing to care for Sue, and we are forever grateful for the support she and her family have kindly shown to fellow Aultman patients and our care team members. Our time with Sue is more than a care experience … it is a lifelong friendship. On behalf of our Aultman family, thank you Sue Horst for inspiring us to give our best every day and for sharing your story.

“God wasn’t done with my life and I’m here to give Him all the glory and praise,” shared Sue.