Donor Spotlight: Polly Hartung and Judy Provo

Polly and JudyGenerations members Polly Hartung and Judy Provo have spent most of their lives in service to others. As volunteer leaders, they have used their gifts and talents to raise funds, champion causes and offer care and support to those in need. When Aultman's Compassionate Care Center (CCC) opened in 2011, both felt inspired to do more. Since then, seldom does a week go by that Judy and Polly aren't busy serving their extended family at the Center. 

CCC director Jody Hershberger explains, "The Compassionate Care Center provides patients and their families with hospice care in a home-like setting during their final days. Volunteers like Judy and Polly add another level of comfort and care for all of us during those difficult times."

One of the most appreciated services at the CCC is an open family kitchen area where hot soups, fresh snacks and baked goods provide comfort for families, CCC guests and staff. The kitchen is fully supported through the generosity of donors and volunteers like Judy and Polly. 

"Coming to the Center to bake is a privilege," Judy shares. "This is a very special place. Knowing that I am helping in some small way is a gift. I get back so much more than I give. In fact, when I returned recently after a month away, I was greeted with a standing ovation from staff! Now that's a great payday."

Polly in addition to her other volunteer duties in the CCC, takes the time to coordinate, prepare and serve full dinners on holidays. "Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are a particularly difficult time for our families. Sharing a wonderful meal together has a way of feeding your soul." Polly adds, "By giving and volunteering at the Compassionate Care Center, I feel useful and appreciated. I have met and worked alongside so many wonderful people and have made lifelong friends."

If you are interested in donating to support Aultman Hospice and Compassionate Care Center, please visit click here. For volunteer opportunities, email Mia Campbell at or call 330-479-2378.