Donor Spotlight: New Home Church in Canton

The Aultman Birth Center at the main campus has received a very special gift from the members of New Home Church in Canton! 

In June 2021, the church took on a new community outreach mission project in order to help the smallest members of our local community. The church’s missions committee worked hard to raise funds while church member (and Aultman colleague) Tina Ramnarine got to work with Halo® customer service. She was able to secure a significant discount on the cost of the SleepSacks® for this project. Their collective hard work enabled this huge donation of SleepSacks® to Aultman!

In September 2021, New Home Church Missions Committee voted and decided to match their initial donation of $5,000 for the purchase of Halo® SleepSacks®. This incredibly generous matching gift provided an additional 572 SleepSacks® to distribute from the Aultman Birth Center when families are discharged to head home. The Birth Center was elated to receive this donation, as they already distributed the initial 572 SleepSacks® donated by the church earlier this year.

Additionally, when the church learned that the price of SleepSacks® was increasing on Oct. 1, the congregation decided to donate an additional $800 which will provide 90 more SleepSacks®. On Oct. 10, Tina Ramnarine, MSN, RNC recognized the congregation for their meaningful contribution.

The congregation is passionate about supporting safe sleep for newborns. Each SleepSack® is tagged with a little card that reads, “Donated by New Home Church.” The church is grateful to Paragraphics Printing and Packaging Solutions for donating their printing services and to Diane Adams for providing graphic design.

To date, the congregation’s $10,800 donation has provided 1,234 Halo® SleepSacks®! Thank you, New Home Church, for rallying together to provide a safe sleeping environment for the newest members of our community!