Donor Spotlight: Jac Compton

A Central Catholic High School student has a big heart for patients hospitalized by COVID-19. In April 2020, Jac Compton contracted COVID and was admitted to Aultman Hospital overnight. Jac, now 18, recovered from the illness, but the experience had a profound impact.

Jac recognized the isolation COVID-19 patients feel because their family members cannot visit them. To help patients connect with their loved ones, Jac started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to purchase heart-shaped audio recorders. Family members can capture a 30-second audio message on the heart, which is then given to the patient. They can hold the heart recorders and replay the familiar, comforting voices of their family members.

Aultman is grateful to be one of the hospitals selected to receive the audio recorders. “We know that the care and support of loved ones can play a big role in helping people heal, and we applaud Jac’s compassion and creativity with his heart initiative to help bring those loving and healing voices to our patients who aren’t able to have face-to-face visitation right now,” said Lisa Zellers, executive director of The Aultman Foundation. “We’d like to thank everyone who donated to this project to help support our patients and care teams during these challenging times.”

Jac is currently raising funds to purchase 150 heart-shaped audio recorders, and he hopes to provide even more in the future. Working with his father who is a lawyer, Jac is in the process of starting his own non-profit organization.

To learn more and contribute to Jac’s project, visit